Current Read: “The Sun is Also a Star” by Natasha Yoon

Natasha Yoon’s beautifully written novel, The Sun is Also a Star, is a modern star-crossed love story.

Yoon’s Romeo¬†& Juliet protagonists are a Korean-American boy, Daniel, and a Jamaican-American girl, Natasha, who meet and fall in love in NYC on the day her undocumented immigrant family us scheduled to be deported.

Their irresistable and incredibly moving romance-against-the-odds (and their families) is told in a unique spin on the split narrative. Most chapters are told in either Daniel’s or Natasha’s voice, with intermittent chapters delving into characters they meet and are affected by during the novel’s very romantic and dramatic day.

I highly recommend this exquisitely engaging book, especially to fans of Eleanor & Park or Before Sunrise.

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Current Read: “The Summer Before the War” by Helen Stimonson

The Summer Before the War is the fabulous followup to Helen Simonson’s delightful debut novel, Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand. The book tells the tale of an independent female teacher and the rigidly old-fashioned community who hires (and judges) her, blissfully ignorant of world events that will soon threaten their idyllic, Edwardian way of life. Somewhere between Lark Rise to Candleford and Downton Abbey, between antebellum and interbellum, is The Summer Before the War.

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