Banditos: New Song & Debut Album

We first introduced you to Banditos 2 years ago (around the same time as Lorde) as part of Muruch’s Surfacing series. Now the band is set to release their debut self-titled full-length album via Bloodshot Records (one of our favorite labels) on May 12th. You can hear the first single, “Cry Baby Baby” below…

Banditos Official Site

Sturgill Simpson

By: Brn

A standout discovery of last year was Sturgill Simpson. Simpson was featured on “Bobby Reid” by Lucette on Muruch’s #1 Album of 2014. His own music showcases heartbreaking lyrics emotionallly rendered in a warm tone.

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Sturgill Simpson Official Site

Damien Rice: New Mp3!

For a limited time, you can download the free, legal mp3 of Damien Rice’s “I Don’t Want to Change You” from his new album, My Favourite Faded Fantasy, at NPR’s Heavy Rotation.

Damien Rice: New Album, Song & Video!

After an eight year recording break, Irish singer-songwriter Damien Rice will finally release his third album, My Favourite Faded Fantasy, on November 11th. You can hear his new single, “I Don’t Want to Change You,” at NPR.

Damien Rice Official Site

Nickel Creek Live at Newport

By: Brendan

Nickel Creek’s set at Newport this year is now streaming at NPR. The performance was primarily comprised of tracks, my favorite of which is “Destination,” from their new album, A Dotted Line. The band also played some old favorites, including “Reasons Why” and “The Fox.” Browsing the page further will lead you to concerts by Aoife O’Donovan and Anais Mitchell among others.