#Poetry Wed: “Radium Mother” by Jane Robinson

“Marie Curie’s cookery book
is so radioactive, they say,
it must be locked in a lead box:

we should wear protective clothes
(white bodyalls, helmet-mask,
lead gloves) to open it…”

-Read the entire poem at The Stinging Fly

#Poetry Wed: “A Slip Jig and Reel in Cut-Time” by Cate McGowen

“Daddy dogs with the coal boys,
clocks the loose-planked floor
with his boot. Resin dust rises,
gambols to “Jayman’s Stomp.”
The bodhrain beat time for
the generations, while ghosts
of fiddle and pennywhistle
do-si-do in the lamplight…”

-Read the entire poem at Shenandoah.

#Poetry Wed: “The Tallgrass Shuffles” by Sea Sharp

“last night the wind said
be careful girl the
moon be watching

said keept your fingers
out the mud keep your tongue
in your head said the moon

is watching your said she’ll pull
you apart like the tide
when your time comes girl…”

-Read the entire poem at Storm Cellar.

#Poetry Wed: “Waxwings” by Lisa Russ Spaar

“Less what things need.

More a sobbing, helpless chime

of flickering, passerine want, in gyre,

tornadic, ribboning the resinous cedar,

mythic in winter’s gamboge sun,

gilt, yet also monastic, in your way.

Your hand the temple my body,

a flock, moves on…”

-Read the entire poem at The Journal.

#Poetry Wed: “The Ferryman” by Katie Bickham

“The ferryman is counting up his fares
as blood congeals and stains and spills and clots.
It’s cash or coin. No cards. No thoughts and prayers…

I have my work, and up there, they have theirs,
he tells himself, but jumps when he hears shots.
So many. He can’t stand to count the fares.
He navigates a river red with prayers.”

-Read the entire poem at Rattle.