#Poetry Wed: “Competence” by Anna Kahn

“There is nothing in this room
for those who have not learned to
sing without thinking, who don’t know
where the music fits in their bodies, how
to smash it open and live it without tearing
the neighbouring muscles. We have nothing
for those startled by their own tone, who can’t
feel it before they breathe in…”

-Read the entire poem at London Magazine.

#Poetry Wed: “Philomela” by Betsy Scholl

“Dear nightingale hiding in green thickets,
I don’t want to think of the girl

who couldn’t tell her story, how nothing she sang
said what happened to her, her voice smudged

like wet ink the left hand blurs as it writes.
Well, worse than that—the knife at her throat,

the whole dark alley of him, errant star
burning inside her, then burning her out,

the red of her, the words. Her tale
like no tapestry you’d hang on the wall…”

-Read the entire poem at Field.

#Poetry Wed: “Sometimes a Horse” by Meredith McDonough

“becomes a man

and that man becomes a magician

as if to take control of his transformation

He cuts a woman in half

with a phony saw that curls

like a question mark

Is this how we become less he asks

as her waist widens to a breath-filled


-Read the entire poem at Hermeneutic Chaos.

#Poetry Wed: “Avaricious Symbiosis” by V.C. McCabe

Axiom breath of dead lungs, the calm
bombastic births a delicate cacophony.
Imagine the illusion of incandescence,
mesmeric, effulgence over a chasm.
Juxtapose an artless, xenophobic
greeting, devoid of empathy, with a fire
-fighter holding a child in an old photograph.
How far beneath us is gratitude, dignity
of language, of verbal silk?
Can a knife be neutral in any hand?
Farewell my kaleidoscopic forgiveness,
reality supersedes trust underneath the bruise.
Yonder is the last civilization
in a zoo no one cares to visit.

-First published in The Galway Review.

V.C. McCabe Poetry Website.