#Poetry Wed: “Slow Swirl at the Edge of the Sea” by Elizabeth McLagan

“…Here the unbound

fields, white flags of surrender, unanchored blossoms,
apple under a veil of arabesques, the red and white lines

of a blank staff whose notes have flown like great birds
still hovering, a flutter of leaves, still vibrato, still

dervish, sleep sink and float, not yet the doorway, not yet
the pull and drag of the body out of the other-ocean.”

Read the entire poem at Boulevard Magazine.

#Poetry Wed: ​”Self-pity” by Cecilia Woloch

“My sister calls all birds suicidal.
Our mother sits in her big green chair,
too weary, even, to talk on the phone.
All afternoon it’s rained and rained—
all the damp world weeping, so I’ve thought.
Self-pity stinks, my mother says…”

Read the​ entire poem at Rattle

#Poetry Wed: “Lingua Franca” by Dawn Potter

“the washing-machine repairman asks
if I’ve saddled my sons with biblical names
on purpose the plumber presses me to admire
his sculptures the electrician wonders
if I have skills in patent law the driver
of the propane truck desires geographical
wisdom the contractor inquires about the fashions
of poetry…”

Read the entire poem at Salamander.

#Poetry Wed: “Weeknight News Reports” by Owen Ojo

“It’s 11 pm and death is on my mind,
accidents upon accidents, blood and gore
somewhere in the streets, she
is the time passing and sick, invading dark
people gone missing—could she have been?
No, says my sister, but she’s young and has no power

over things we can’t trust and things we can’t see.
I’m young and have no power, am small, never win
but I check the empty driveway, look up at the sky line…”

Read the rest of the poem at The Harvard Advocate.