#Poetry Wed: “Lingua Franca” by Dawn Potter

“the washing-machine repairman asks
if I’ve saddled my sons with biblical names
on purpose the plumber presses me to admire
his sculptures the electrician wonders
if I have skills in patent law the driver
of the propane truck desires geographical
wisdom the contractor inquires about the fashions
of poetry…”

Read the entire poem at Salamander.

#Poetry Wed: “Weeknight News Reports” by Owen Ojo

“It’s 11 pm and death is on my mind,
accidents upon accidents, blood and gore
somewhere in the streets, she
is the time passing and sick, invading dark
people gone missing—could she have been?
No, says my sister, but she’s young and has no power

over things we can’t trust and things we can’t see.
I’m young and have no power, am small, never win
but I check the empty driveway, look up at the sky line…”

Read the rest of the poem at The Harvard Advocate.

#Poetry Wed: “Why We Don’t Have Children” by Anthony Frame

“…We refuse the bruises of blood,
we want to honor the thrust of history, the trust
inside each splitting cell, so we wrap ourselves
within each other, away from the constant sirens.
We fumble our flesh, our mouths wide enough
to swallow the world…”

Read the rest of the poem at Rattle.

#Poetry Wed: “The One Who Left” by Jim Powell

“The one who left
never left, or leaving,
leaves a painted shadow
that outlasts the real wall:
the one who left
never left.

The one who stayed
never saw, and staying
stays confined in shadow
cast there from behind the wall:
the one who stayed
never stayed…”

Read the rest of the poem at Threepenny Review.