Radiohead: New “Burn The Witch” Video

I’m one of those old, cranky Pablo Honey/The Bends/OK Computer ’90s Radiohead fans who stopped following the band so much after the turn of the century. *creaky steampunk noises* So I’m happy Thom Yorke & co. have returned to that slightly eerie rock sound for their new song, “Burn the Witch,” and even happier the video pays claymation homage to The Wicker Man.

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Throwback Thursday: “Just” by Radiohead

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Throwback Thursday: “Karma Police” by Radiohead

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Tree: Radiohead’s Karma Police Cover

Tree (a.k.a. Oliver Tree) just released the video for his cover of Radiohead’s “Karma Police,” which is featured on his debut EP Demons. You can watch the video and stream the EP in its entirety below. Tree’s singing voice can’t quite compare to that of Thom Yorke, but then whose can? What sets his cover apart is the brief verse that he raps and especially his arrangement of the song – a mix of electronic beats and lovely classical strings.

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