Movie Review: A Case of You

A Case of You is an indie romantic comedy starring Justin Long and Rachel Evan Wood with some hilarious cameos by Sam Rockwell, Peter Dinklage and Vince Vaughn. I had mixed but mostly very positive feelings about this odd little film.

Justin Long stars as a struggling writer who basically stalks and seduces Rachel Evan Wood’s not-so-manic pixie girl barista through social media. He pretends to be the man of her dreams based on interests listed in her Facebook profile.

Thankfully the film’s direction, script and acting is so strong and interesting you quickly get caught up in the somewhat creepy romantic comedy premise. And Long’s character does redeem himself by the end – after a cleverly self-aware scene with his editor.

The romantic plot aside, the film is worth watching for two very hilarious scenes: one in which Sam Rockwell portrays a has been guitar teacher and the scene-stealing elderly dancer “Raymond” in the film’s finale.

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DVD Review: Moon

Moon is a brilliant, suspenseful, and very unusual film directed by Duncan Jones and starring Sam Rockwell. It boggles my mind that the formulaic, gaudy crapfest Avatar was nominated for an Oscar while this superior work of science fiction went unnoticed. Sam Rockwell should have been nominated at least, if not the entire film.

In Moon, Sam Rockwell plays what must have been one of the more challenging roles any actor could take on. His emotive performance as isolated lunar miner Sam Bell would be captivating enough if the sole focus of the film was only the psychological effects of his solitary assignment on the moon.

But wait, there’s more! Sam soon finds that he isn’t alone after all, and that is just the first in a riveting series of chilling discoveries about his environment, his work, and his very life.

I don’t want to spoil this astounding plot, so I can’t say much about the progression of the story. Not since Donnie Darko have I been so impressed by and engrossed in such an innovative and expertly crafted sci-fi film. See it!

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