Muruch’s Festive 50 Songs of 2014

Muruch’s Festive 50 Songs of 2014…

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Sia: 1000 Forms of Fear

It’s always seemed strange to me that extraordinarily talented singers like Allison Crowe, Anouk and Sia haven’t become household names in every country like their inferior pop princess counterparts. That’s all about to change for Sia, thanks to her new album, 1000 Forms of Fear.

I first heard Australian singer-songwriter Sia over a decade ago in Ireland when she sang for the British downtempo group Zero 7. Sia has had pretty much consistent success in Europe ever since and has penned hits for Katy Perry, Rihanna, BeyoncĂ©, Celine Dion and Britney Spears. Yet she’s only experienced brief brushes with the American charts under her own name, first with the 2006 hit “Breathe Me” and then with her recent David Guetta collaboration “Titanium.” And even those two singles are better known as “the song from the Six Feet Under finale” and “that Titanium song” rather than for their singer’s name.

Sia is finally enjoying a much deserved surge in both popularity and name recognition here in America with the new album’s first smash single, “Chandelier.” The track is everything that the perfect pop song should be and Sia’s rafter-scraping voice pushes the chorus to supernatural heights.

“Chandelier” is such an unusually exquisite, stand out track that the rest of the album can’t help but pale by comparison. There are, however, some impressive exceptions. Among them are “Eye of the Needle” and “Cellophane.”

Also of note is the Rihanna-meets-BeyoncĂ© pairing “Free the Animal” and “Fire Meet Gasoline” – the latter has a chorus melody suspiciously similar to that of “Halo.”

The album also features a solo version of “Elastic Heart,” which Sia originally recorded with The Weeknd and Diplo for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack.

Remember the name Sia. She’s earned it.

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Sia Official Site

Priscilla Ahn: When You Grow Up

Priscilla Ahn’s new album, When You Grow Up, will be released by Blue Note Records on May 3rd. Featuring songwriting collaborations with Sia, Eleni Mandell and Inara George, When You Grow Up is a lovely little album full of romantic ballads and retro girl pop numbers. Lyrically, the album explores the theme of growth (hence the title) throughout the ups and downs of life and love. Musically, it’s just very, very pretty.

“Oo La La” has a similar retro-influenced girl pop sound as The Living Sisters and, sure enough, it was co-written with Eleni Mandell. I found myself singing along halfway through the first catchy chorus.

The atmospheric ballad “City Lights (Pretty Lights)” was co-penned by The Bird & The Bee‘s Inara George.

“I Don’t Have Time for Love” is a sentimental, sappy and wonderfully gooey love song.

“Empty House” is haunting, melancholy melody reminiscent of songs on Vienna Teng’s Dreaming Through The Noise. Priscilla’s warm voice often reminds of Vienna’s.

The album includes a cover of the Benji Hughes song “Vibe So Hot.” And “Torch Song” is the gorgeous, aptly titled finale.

You can download a free, legal mp3 of the album’s title track at Priscilla’s website.


Priscilla Ahn Official Site

Mp3 Menagerie: Sia, Luke Doucet, Amelia Curran

Sia – You’ve Changed (mp3) *

New electro-pop ditty from Sia’s upcoming album We Are Born, to be released in 2010.

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Luke Doucet – First Day (In The New Hometown) (mp3) *

This is a song from Luke Doucet’s latest album, Blood’s Too Rich (click album title for my review).

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*mp3 hosted by & posted w/ permission of artist’s PR rep


Amelia Curran – The Mistress (mp3) *

Track from Canadian singer-songwriter Amelia Curran’s new album Hunter Hunter.

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