Mp3 Menagerie: Greg Laswell, Meghan Wolf, The Duke & The King

Greg Laswell – Your Ghost (mp3) *

Here’s a direct mp3 link for the song I posted last week. Greg Laswell covers Kristin Hersh’s “Your Ghost”. The song is featured on Laswell’s upcoming Covers EP.

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Meghan Wolf – Disappear (mp3) *

Eerie, femme electro-pop & rock somewhere between Hannah Fury & Patti Rothberg. From Wolf’s upcoming album Theory of Gravity, to be released September 15th.

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The Duke & the King – If You Ever Get Famous (mp3 expired) *

The Duke & the King are Simone Felice, (formerly of The Felice Brothers) and Robert “Chicken” Burke. Their languid folk sound is similar to the somber side of Felice’s old band. This song is from their debut album Nothing Gold Can Stay.

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