Introducing Cygnets…

Cygnets’ “Gallows” is 80s synth-pop/new wave through a glass, darkly. The song is featured on the Edmonton band’s debut album, Isolator.

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Allison Crowe: Scared (Anti-Abuse / Rape / Domestic Violence Song)

This song is about not being afraid to stand up for yourself and what you believe in, to speak out even in the most adverse of circumstance.
– Allison Crowe

We do not see
So blindly forgotten
The pain unspoken
Torturous mystery

Why can’t you say what has been done to you
you are not wrong and you should not…

Why do you stand
for silence when you know you’re screaming
anger floats so deeply below the surface
why do you carry this on your shoulders,
you did not create this

and I am not afraid to say

I am not wrong and I am not dirty
I will not wait for karma to take its course
Now I am not afraid and I am not worthless no
I am not wrong
No I am not

I am not ashamed of this
I am taking you on, and
I am not scared of you

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Introducing Silver Trees…

Nashville’s Silver Tress make pretty, indie folk-pop music that is at times reminiscent of The Rescues or The Civil Wars. So I, of course, love it. The following songs are from their debut EP, Paper Hearts.

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Introducing Miamigo…

Miamigo’s “Opinions” is a delightfully dark, modern interpretation of 80s synth-pop. You can download a free, legal mp3 of the song at Soundcloud or Bandcamp…

Introducing Miner…

L.A. folk-rock band Miner have been accurately compared to The Avett Brothers. I especially like the song “Carousel” from their debut album, Into the Morning.

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