Guy Pearce (Yes That Guy Pearce!) Sings!?!

Australian actor Guy Pearce (L.A. Confidential, Memento, Hateship Loveship) has recorded his debut album, Broken Bones, and the music is actually good! Far too often even actors with good voices are ruined by bland or cheesy arrangements, but thankfully Guy Pearce is one of the exceptions. I especially like his new song “Taste,” which pairs his smokey voice with a dark pop arrangement.

Introducing Michael Persall…

If you like Puppies or Nutella” was the subject line for this Muruch music submission. I usually hate such press release gimmicks, but Michael Persall knew how to hook me and more importantly the 21-year old NYC singer-songwriter’s music and smooth falsetto lives up to the lofty subject teaser. “Stance” is from Persall’s upcoming second EP, This & That, and he will have a CMJ showcase on October 24th.

Michael Persell Official Site

Introducing Vast & Harker…

Vast & Harker are an ambient/dubstep/triphop duo fronted by a producer who apparently goes by several Vast-variant aliases – Vast, Vast Arts, Vast Minority, etc. I especially like the atmospheric instrumentals “Aurora,” “Falling” and “Dance of Dawn” – the latter features a sample of an African Bayaka tribe performing their traditional early morning song “Yelli.”

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Vast Arts Official Site