Introducing Michael Persall…

If you like Puppies or Nutella” was the subject line for this Muruch music submission. I usually hate such press release gimmicks, but Michael Persall knew how to hook me and more importantly the 21-year old NYC singer-songwriter’s music and smooth falsetto lives up to the lofty subject teaser. “Stance” is from Persall’s upcoming second EP, This & That, and he will have a CMJ showcase on October 24th.

Michael Persell Official Site

Introducing Vast & Harker…

Vast & Harker are an ambient/dubstep/triphop duo fronted by a producer who apparently goes by several Vast-variant aliases – Vast, Vast Arts, Vast Minority, etc. I especially like the atmospheric instrumentals “Aurora,” “Falling” and “Dance of Dawn” – the latter features a sample of an African Bayaka tribe performing their traditional early morning song “Yelli.”

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Vast Arts Official Site

Josh Schroeder and Josh & Mer

Portland singer-songwriter Josh Schroeder is a very busy, very talented man. His solo single “Monster with a Golden Heart” is exquisitely haunting folk, lo-fi folk song. He also fronts the side project Josh & Mer, whose sound is gentle, melancholy folk buoyed by pretty harmonies.

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