DeLooze: Glass Army

DeLooze’s full-length debut, Glass Army, more than lives up to the spectacular promise of its first single, “DeathStar.” The album’s eerie, theatrical rock is exquisitely melodic and amazingly worthy of the Siouxsie & the Banshees comparisons DeLooze has received – though she could just as easily be compared to Hannah Fury, Choirgirl-era Tori Amos and even Florence + the Machine or Muse on certain songs. DeLooze is far too unique to pin down to one comparison.

The stand out tracks on the album are “Nature Boy” and “DeathStar,” but every song on the album is truly magnificent and I love it more with each listen (of which there have been many).

I can’t remember the last time an album excited me as much as DeLooze’s Glass Army. This kind of bold, bewitching rock is a very rare breed these days. It’s sure to be on my best of the year list come December.

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MØ: No Mythologies to Follow

MØ is Danish singer-songwriter Karen Marie Ørsted. MØ’s debut album, No Mythologies to Follow, is a sultry, rhythmic and somewhat theatrical brand of electro-pop that at least hints at if not resides in the exquisite vein of Florence + the Machine, Lykke Li, MS MR and Phantogram. Fave tracks: “Fire Rides,” “Maiden,” “Never Wanna Know,” “Pilgrim” and “Dust is Gone.”

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