Allison Crowe: New “Spiral” Video

Another new video from Allison Crowe’s upcoming 16-song “visual album.” Allison’s original song “Spiral”” is here paired with footage from the 1947 surrealist film Dreams That Money Can Buy. I’ll post the full 16-video playlist here upon its release.

Spiral from Allison Crowe on Vimeo.

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I have 2 copies of Allison Crowe’s wonderful new CD Spiral (click on album title for review) to give away. See contest details and download 3 mp3s below.

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Allison Crowe: Spiral

Allison Crowe‘s new CD Spiral finally arrived! I posted mp3s from it last November and last month, and the entire album was released digitally on March 17th. But the physical release was delayed due to printing issues, so I didn’t receive my copy until this week. It was well worth the wait. Spiral is Allison Crowe’s best album since Live at Wood Hall (one of my Best of the Decade picks), and is possibly her best studio album ever.

I don’t know what is wrong with everyone,
but I guess I don’t even know what’s wrong with me,
& I won’t try to be judgemental, I won’t try to be holier-than-thou,
but I don’t get this & I’m not going to pretend I do.

Spiral is a prime example of why I will always prefer physical albums over digital ones. The beautiful gold and silver embossed cover has a lovely peacock painting by Tara Thelen. Cover art and liner notes enhance the listening experience, and mp3s can never capture a moment in time the way holding an album in your hands does. An old album can conjure up the same sense of nostalgia as a photograph.

Onto the music…Spiral opens on a somewhat lighter note. The twangy “Dearly” and “Double-Edged Sword” have a buoyant folk-pop style akin to Dar Williams. But the meat of the album is Allison’s voice and piano, both of which take a more prominent position in the third track.

Allison is probably best known for her astounding rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” which has become one of my favorite songs of all time. This time around, Allison tackles Cohen’s “Chelsea Hotel No. 2.” Her emotive vocal gives the usually sedate song a whole new sense of desperation.

Yet it’s the acoustic transformation of Annie Lennox’s “Why” that proves to be the album’s most captivating cover. Allison’s heartfelt voice drives the song with some help by a lovely, subdued string arrangement. The album includes two bonus alternative versions of “Why” and the album’s other cover of Hunters & Collectors’ “Throw Your Arms Around Me.”

The stand out track “I Don’t Know” is one of those Allison Crowe stunners. Her voice flawlessly flows between the most pristine soprano and gut-wrenching, full-bodied wails. Her intimate, emotional lyrics are layered over a soul-stirring piano melody.

The album’s title track is just as haunting, but has a more frenetic energy to the instrumentation. Allison’s frenzied piano playing is juxtaposed with fiercely low vocals that give the song a murky, seething mood. I bet it’s particularly chilling and spectacular live.

I hear so much music these days, too much for one person really. I’m inundated with such a flood of sounds both good and bad that I sometimes forget what it feels like when a song literally produces chills on your arms.

Then I hear Allison Crowe sing, and I remember the effect music is supposed to have on you. That awe-inspired rush, that indescribable feeling of communion between artist and audience. The gratitude that someone gifted has expressed through their art an emotion you personally lack the talent to articulate. To quote Allison: “Why music? Why breathing?

Allison and her manager are exceptionally generous when it comes to sharing mp3s, so I have three free, legal mp3s from Spiral for you. Please support this extraordinary artist by purchasing her album at the links below.

Allison Crowe – I Don’t Know*
Allison Crowe – Oceans *
Allison Crowe – Going Home Tonight **

*mp3s posted w/ permission of artist’s manager
**mp3 hosted by & posted w/ permission of artist’s manager

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Allison Crowe: New Exclusive Mp3!

Muruch musical mascott Allison Crowe is putting the finishing touches on her upcoming seventh album Spiral and is kindly sharing a pre-album version of the new song “Going Home Tonight” with us. The song will be available elsewhere in a few days, but is an exclusive here for now. Allison’s voice and piano playing are as beautiful as ever…

Allison Crowe – Going Home Tonight (mp3 removed) *

*mp3 hosted by & posted w/ permission of artist

You can also watch the video for the song below:

The video is also posted on YouTube.

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