Lorde: Melodrama

That feeling when your cool, kindred Goth friend abandons you for the cheerleader squad. Former champion of the outcast Lorde’s sophomore album is heavily and obviously influenced by her joining the Taylor Swift pop tart party squad.

It’s not bad for what it is, but it’s not my Lorde. If not for a few good tracks and the bizarrely gushing praise elsewhere, I wouldn’t even bother writing about it.

The lovely, melancholy ballad “Liability” is by far the standout track, and “Writer in the Dark” has a nice Kate Bush vibe.

“Green Light” and “Sober” take a more interesting approach to catch dance music than the rest of the album. Sadly, Lorde’s exquisitely distinctive voice and lyrical poetry is otherwise watered down with Auto-Tune and mediocre beats.

Unlike her addictive, uniquely spectacular debut, Pure Heroine, I doubt I’ll bother listening to Melodrama in the future.

The new releases by Deap Vally, The Company Stores, and Amanda Palmer are far more interesting.

Introducing Deap Vally…

Deap Vally’s Femijism has quickly become one of my favorite and most played albums of all time. Their fierce, intelligent rock would’ve fit perfectly in the early 90s Riot Grrrl/Grunge era, but it also absolutely relevant now. The standout track “Smile More” is my new theme song. Other tracks of note are “Royal Jelly” and “Post Funk,” but the whole album is magnificent.

Deal Vally’s Official Site