Queen Esther: New Album & Video!

Queen Esther is one of those singers that should be heard by everybody everywhere. Seriously, she should be booked on Mountain Stage, guest singing with The Roots on Jimmy Fallon, have a cameo singing in the Bluebird CafĂ© on Nashville and performing on every other tv and radio show that features music. If nothing else, there should be more than just my blog sharing her sound on Hype Machine since 2007. Sigh. Hopefully the long-awaited release of her new “Black Americana” album, The Other Side, will wake more people up to her talent. That voice with that music? Just too good. To prove my point, here’s her new lyric video:

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Queen Esther Official Site

Ambrosia Parsley: New Mp3!

Former Shivaree singer Ambrosia Parsley is currently working on her new fan-funded solo album, Weeping Cherry. In the meantime, she is offering a free, legal mp3 of the new song “The Other Side” in exchange for an email address. The dreamy sound is very similar to Shivaree and Ambrosia’s voice is still smoldering after all these years.

Ambrosia Parsley Official Site