#Poetry Wed: “Democratic Pomp” by V.C. McCabe

“Democratic Pomp” by V.C. McCabe

Remember the bliss of ignorance?
Indifference and the innocence of youth,
rosy cheeks of self-centered freedom?
Before you were told: “You can change the world.”

So you protest the war on humanity,
the so-called king and his menagerie.
But all I see are rich men
and their game of tug-o-war,
struggling for power and photo ops.

Now you stand on opposite sides
screaming, raging, waving flags
of hatred, and holding up signs
with no conviction. For what choice
is the lesser of two evils?

Oh yes, that banner yet waves
over the eyes of the free
and the mouths of the brave.

-Originally published in The Pedestal‘s 2004 anthology (out of print). Copyright © V.C. McCabe, 2004. All Rights Reserved.

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