The Rescues: Blah Blah Love & War

The Rescues will return in early 2013 with their new fan-funded album, Blah Blah Love & War. I loved the airy acoustic pop and haunting ballads of their debut, Crazy Ever After, and they were the nicest band I’ve ever met in person, so I approached this album with a very positive, receptive attitude. Sadly, though, most of this new effort is disappointing.

The band’s harmonies are often lost here amidst lackluster, overproduced, hyperspeed pop songs. Thankfully, though, there are exceptions that sound more like The Rescues we know and love.

The highlights are “Be My Cure,” “Run Away,” “The Longest Winter,” “Get Back” and “Let Me Down Easy.”

You can download a free, legal mp3 of the album’s opener, “Did It Even Really Matter?” at Amazon and The Rescues’ free “Summer Sampler” by entering your email address in the widget below.

The Rescues – Did It Really Even Matter? (mp3 download page)

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The Rescues: Free Mp3 Downloads!

The Rescues are sharing a free “Summer Sampler” of mp3s, which you can download by entering your email address into the below Noisetrade widget. After a successful fan-funded Pledge Music campaign, the band will release their new album later this year.

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Kyler England: Free Album Download

By: Brendan

The live set by L.A. band The Rescues at Mountain Stage in 2008 was one of the more memorable concerts I’ve attended in recent years. Their album Crazy Ever After later became a favorite, and their music has been featured in a variety of TV shows. Band member Kyler England has since struck out on her own, with a sound that sometimes reminds me of discovering Sarah McLachlan for the first time. You can stream songs from her recent full-length album, Electric Hum, and download her Half & Half sampler – which features five songs from Electric Hum – for free via the SoundCloud and NoiseTrade widgets below.

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