Free Celebrity Audiobook of Moby Dick!

Apparently I’m one of the few people in American who have even read Herman Melville’s seafaring classic, Moby Dick, let alone love it. A group of celebrities is trying to change that by recording and offering online a free, legal, downloadable audiobook of the novel accompanied by related artwork. Among the participants will be Stephen Fry and British Prime Minister David Cameron. You can download the first chapter, read by actress Tilda Swinton, below and check out the rest at Moby Dick Big Read.

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Patrick Wolf: The Bachelor

Patrick Wolf’s The Bachelor will be released by Nylon Records on August 11th. The album blends the uptempo electronics of Wolf’s previous release with the dark troubadour sound of his earlier works. Funded by fan donations, The Bachelor was originally intended to be a double album. It will instead be released as a single disc, followed by a forthcoming sequel. The album features guests Tilda Swinton, Eliza Carthy, and Matthew Herbert.

The first portion of the album builds on the creaky electronic style of The Magic Position, while other tracks – such as “Count of Casualty”, “Vulture”, and “Battle” – explore a harder industrial sound.

Many of the album’s lyrics express Wolf’s cynical view of love and marriage. This theme is most apparent in the haunting electro-piano title track, which culls its lyrics from the traditional Appalachian poem “The Turtle Dove”. “The Bachelor”, as well as “Damaris”, sounds like Antony covering songs from Wolf’s debut.

There’s a lovely Celtic element to the dramatic arrangement of “Thickets”, and “The Sun Is Often Out” recalls the plaintive, eerie wails of “Ghost Song” (my personal favorite of Wolf’s catalogue).

Overall, I think Wolfs’ done a solid job of staying true to the delicate style that initially drew fans to his music while also experimenting enough to keep the sound fresh.

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