Muruch’s Top 50 Songs of 2013

Following are the fifty favorite songs of the year that I submitted to Contrast Podcast‘s forthcoming Festive 50. I have to add an honorable mention to “Cassiopeia” by Sara Bareilles. I adore the song but only heard The Blessed Unrest album this week – long after having scheduled my Top Songs and Top Albums lists and it’s impossible to cut anyone from either list to make room for Sara.

Muruch’s Top 50 Songs of 2013:

50 Ylvis: The Fox
49 Rykarda Parasol: Take Only What You Can Carry
48 Tyler Lyle: Medusa
47 Little Red Lung: 50 Fingers
46 Lizabett Russo: Tonight
45 Broken Tempo: You
44 Boardwalk: I’m To Blame
43 Banditos: No Good
42 Ivan & Alyosha: The Fold
41 Black City Lights: Give It Up
40 Icona Pop: I Love It
39 One Republic: Counting Stars
38 Katy Perry: Roar
37 Joshua Burnside: Black Dog Sin
36 Dayna Kurtz: Reconsider Me
35 Valerie June: You Can’t Be Told
34 Foxygen: San Francisco
33 Valerie June: Shotgun
32 Imagine Dragons: Demons
31 Trent Dabbs: A Thousand Nights
30 Janelle Monae (feat. Miguel): Primetime
29 Molly Drake: I Remember
28 Allison Crowe: Skipper Billy’s Wake
27 Janelle Monae (feat. Prince): Giving Em What They Love
26 Hem: Walking Past the Graveyard, Not Breathing
25 Melissa Ferrick: Overboard
24 MS MR: Bones
23 Trent Dabbs: Mountain Song
22 Lucy Schwartz: Time Will Tell
21 One Mile an Hour: Sunken Ships
20 Foxygen: Shuggie
19 Lorde: Team
18 Allison Crowe: The Men Who Die for a Living
17 Lorde: White Teeth Teens
16 Trent Dabbs: The Last of Its Kind
15 Hem: Departure and Farewell
14 MS MR: Hurricane
13 Lorde: Tennis Court
12 Allison Crowe: The Black Velvet Band
11 Hem: Gently Down the Stream

10 Lorde: Glory and Gore

9 Janelle Monae (feat. Erykah Badu): Q.U.E.E.N.

8 MS MR: Dark Doo Wop

7 Imagine Dragons: Radioactive

6 Foxygen: We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic

5 Vienna Teng: The Hymn of Acxiom

4 Lorde: Royals

3 Trent Dabbs: The Way We Look at Horses

2 Alice Boman: Waiting

1 Allison Crowe: Words

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Trent Dabbs: Free Album Download!

Trent Dabb’s exquisite eighth solo album, The Way We Look at Horses (click title for review), was just released yesterday. To celebrate, he is offering the title track as part of his free, legal Noisetrade album download, The Career Collection. The Noisetrade download also features one song from each of Dabb’s previous albums. You can access the mp3s by clicking “Free Download” and entering your email address below.

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Trent Dabbs Official Site

Trent Dabbs: The Way We Look At Horses

Trent Dabbs will release his eighth solo album, The Way We Look At Horses, on November 5th. Dabbs was previously one half of Sugar & The Hi-Lows and nabbed some mainstream attention by co-writing the Nashville tv show hit “Undermine.” With The Way We Look At Horses, the Nashville singer-songwriter has crafted a masterful and exquisite song cycle that brilliantly bridges the gap between Elliot Smith’s pensive folk-pop and Ryan Adams’ rustic alt-country.

The title track opener is a haunting, lovely rumination on Equine Therapy – the use of horses in treating patients with post-traumatic stress and other physical and mental disorders. The song is extraordinary for many reasons, not the least of which is its remarkably lush, intricately layered instrumentation. The gorgeous gallop-mimicking rhythm in the intro is matched by sprawling, wave-like piano at the end.

The catchy “She’s My Destination” kicks up the tempo with an intensified rhythm. You can stream the song below.

“Mountain Song” is an atmospheric, Americana melody that’s somehow intimate and panoramic at same time.

“Last of Its Kind” at first seems to continue in the quiet Americana vein before suddenly rising in a surprising electro-pop surge that’s almost classical in structure.

“Midnight Walls,” “Confetti Girl” and especially “Thousand Nights” are just begging to be used in some Cameron Crowesque love story.

After suffering through one of those musically disillusioned states common to reviewers, I’m so happy and relieved to have fallen in love with this album. I can’t remember the last time I listened to an entire album repeatedly without skipping at least one track.

The Way We Look At Horses is moody, melodic and magnificent. It’s certainly one of the best albums of the year and one whose songs stay with you long after it ends.

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Trent Dabbs Official Site