Wagner: Tristan and Isolde

Guest Post By: Brendan

Tristan and Isolde is one of the greatest stories ever told, and the man who told it best was Richard Wagner. If you’ve only seen the James Franco movie, you’ve only just skimmed the surface of the sea of emotions brought out in Wagner’s brilliant drama. This week, you have a couple of opportunities to jump in…

The Irish company Wide Open Opera are staging the 5-hour production three times in the coming week, one of which will be streamed live at this site on Sunday 30th at 5pm local time (noon EST).

Yesterday, BBC Radio 3 featured act 1 of Tristan und Isolde, paired with Rachmaninov’s “Isle of the Dead,” and performed by The BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra. That recording is available in streaming audio at BBC until next Thursday.

To enhance your enjoyment, I also recommend checking out Wagner’s book, which is freely available online at Project Guttenberg. You can also learn more about this groundbreaking work of art by listening to LA Opera’s James Conlon introduce you to Wagner’s concept of the leitmotiv.