Fave TV Comedy #1: Billy on the Street

We in the Muruch household have been meaning to post about our two fave tv comedies: Billy on the Street and Drunk History.

Billy on the Street began on Funny or Die and now airs on the Fuse channel. The show follows comedian Billy Eichner as he runs through the streets of NYC shouting and playing bizarre pop culture games with often confused bystanders and occasional guest celebrities.

My three fave scenes were 1) Billy’s rant about Cameron Diaz, in which he yells for her “to ruin more things!” 2) his “Lana Del Race for the Cure,” featuring several sleepy, disoriented models in Lana Del Ray costumes and 3) his “John Mayer or Pepé Le Pew?” game with Olivia Wilde…

Veronica Mars Movie Trailer

After a sucessful Kickstarter campaign, the Veronica Mars movie has been made and will be released March 14th. The official trailer is now up and it looks like this movie just may live up to the hype, if not the tv show’s substantial legacy. Most of the cast is back (we’ll miss those Lilly flashbacks, but what could they do?): Veronica (Kristin Bell)! Veronica’s dad! Logan! Wallace! Dick! Mac! Leo (a.k.a. New Girl‘s Schmidt)! and I’ve read Weevil is supposed to be in the film, too, though he’s absent from the trailer. Check it…

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Friday Night Lights: Season 5 Premiere Tonight!

The new season of Friday Night Lights will air tonight on NBC at 8pm EST! I’ve raved about the show here every year since its first season (click on the link for more info about the show), and it was my #3 show of the last decade.

I must admit I lost some of my enthusiasm last season due to the absence of many of the original characters, but Coach Taylor and his wife continued to be the heart of the show. Friday Night Lights is still the best drama on television and I’m excited for its return.

Sadly, NBC has said this will be the show’s final season. If you appreciate brilliant writing, acting, and direction, you should watch it.

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DVD: Lark Rise To Candleford

Lark Rise To Candleford is my new favorite television series. I’ve so far watched three of the British drama’s four seasons and I grow to love the show more with each episode. Very much like Cranford in its period setting and genteel mood, Lark Rise To Candleford is based on Flora Thompson’s autobiographical novels. Set in the English countryside in the nineteenth century, the series focuses on the inhabitants of a small hamlet called Lark Rise and its neighboring market town Candleford.

The series is narrated by and initially follows young Laura Timmins (Olivia Hallinan) from her family’s humble home in Lark Rise to live and work with her cousin Dorcas Lane (Julia Sawalha of Absolutely Fabulous) in bustling Candleford’s post office. Yet the strength of the series lies in the depths and humors of its many other characters.

Candleford buzzes around independent and meddling Postmistress Dorcas, hilariously devout Postman Thomas Brown (Mark Heap, whose performance is reminiscent of Father Ted‘s Dougal) and the snooty spinster seamstress Pratt sisters (Matilda Ziegler and Victoria Hamilton), while in nearby Lark Rise we find drunken curmudgeon Twister (Karl Johnson) and his beloved wife Queenie (Linda Bassett), amiable, oft pregnant and always debt-ridden Caroline Arless (The Vicar of Dibley‘s Dawn French) and Laura’s hardworking and big-hearted parents, proud mason Robert (Downtown Abbey‘s Brendan Coyle) and longsuffering Emma (Cranford‘s Claudie Blakley). Each season brings a new character or two into town to shake things up, but it’s the residents of Lark Rise and Candleford that pull you in.

The beautiful setting, artful direction, warmhearted writing and brilliant acting of Lark Rise To Candleford make me miss that idyllic fictional world and its lovable inhabitants so much when I finish an episode that I can’t wait to return.


TV: 2011 TV Shows

I didn’t watch much television in 2010 and gave up on many of the new shows I started watching last autumn. My current viewing roster is below…

Harry’s Law – airs on NBC at 10:00 p.m. EST on Monday nights.

I really didn’t expect this show to be as good as it is, but never underestimated the awesomeness of Kathy Bates. This is a somewhat formulaic David E. Kelly legal dramedy, very much like The Practice when James Spader and William Shatner first joined. Kathy Bates stars as an ex-patent lawyer who opens a small criminal defense firm in a former “fine shoes” store. The quirky shoe store part of this setup is a little too David E. Kelly for me, and I find his standard skinny dumb blonde assistant character especially grating this time around. But it is refreshing to once again have a legal drama on tv that is interesting without being disturbing. And Bates is both formidable and hilarious as the lovable curmudgeon Harry. I can only hope Kelly doesn’t ruin this one by making his actors sing as he did with Ally McBeal, Boston Public and The Practice, all of which I loved at the beginning but couldn’t bear to watch by the end.

You can watch all the episodes at NBC’s site.

No Ordinary Family – airs on ABC at 8:00 p.m. EST on Tuesday nights.

I already posted about this superhero family/action drama after it first debuted last October (note: I gave up on Outsourced because it became the painful stereotype its critics accused it of). Created, written and produced by Greg Berlanti of Everwood, this family-friendly show stars The Shield‘s Michael Chiklis and Angel‘s Julie Benz as the parents of a family endowed with unusual abilities after a plane crash in the Amazon. The drama initially centered on the emotional struggles the characters experienced as they adjusted to their new powers, but this year the show has shifted focus on the superhero storylines replete with supervillians. Oh and you could make a pretty good drinking game out of geeky scientist Katie’s stereotypical comic book and sci fi references.

You can watch all the episodes at ABC’s site.

Off The Map – airs on ABC at 10:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday nights.

There were only two reasons I even gave this show, which is by the creators Grey’s Anatomy, a chance: Caroline Dhavernas and Zach Gilford. If those names aren’t familiar to you, Caroline Dhavernas was the star of the delightful but sadly short-lived Wonderfalls and Zach Gilford played Matt Sorenson on Friday Night Lights. In Off The Map, the two star as young doctors who travel to an obscure South American village to work in a “doctors without borders” style clinic. The presence of such a talented cast (which also includes Meryl Streep’s daughter, Mamie Gummer) and beautiful Hawaiian filming locations (last seen on Lost) have so far kept this medical dramedy from falling into Grey’s mediocrity. Sure, there are moments of melodrama and sappiness. But they are anchored by the gorgeous scenery, solid acting performances and the tumultuous situations such an exotic locale produces.

You can watch all the episodes at ABC’s site.

Perfect Couples – airs on NBC at 8:30 p.m. EST on Thursday nights.

Though I enjoyed the pilot, I really didn’t expect to keep watching this one. But it gets funnier every week. Perfect Couples is a half-hour sitcom about three couples: one couple is blatantly messed up and fights all the time, one couple is repressedly messed up and act like relationship gurus (they’d be really annoying if they weren’t so hilarious), and the other couple is relatively normal but still messed up. If the writing, direction or acting were off even just a little, this would be a disaster. But so far it’s all very well done and sometimes seems more like an indie film about a comically dysfunctional group of friends rather than a network television sitcom.

You can watch all the episodes at NBC’s site.

In other news, I actually like the new season of American Idol. I didn’t even watch the show last year, but I couldn’t resist Steven Tyler. I like the more positive vibe of the show and the new panel of judges. Tyler is especially entertaining since he has the quirky craziness and enthusiasm of Paula Abdul, but a more credible music background. I do wish they’d stop with the sob stories and bad singers – I usually tape the show to fast-forward through all of that. But they seem to be including more good singers this year to make up for it.

I’m also still watching old favorites Big Bang Theory, The Office, 30Rock and Modern Family. The perennially cheesy One Tree Hill has been surprisingly enjoyable this year despite the absence of the villianous Dan. I still love my geekout Jeopardy watching. And though I normally loathe reality series, ABC’s hidden camera show What Would You Do? is addictive.

Oh and I absolutely adored Downton Abbey, a BBC mini-series that recently aired on PBS. I eagerly await the second season, which is currently in production.