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Due to popular demand, I’ve changed the RSS feed setting so that full posts should show up now. Livejournal subscribers: please visit the blog site to comment. I do not read or reply to comments left on the LJ syndication feed.

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Question for Readers

How many of you readers would prefer that the Muruch RSS Feed be full instead of the current summary? I’m curious if people would be more likely to read my lengthy reviews if I changed the feed so that the entire post would show up without the “click for more” schtuff. Comment with your opinion please.

I’m personally more likely to read posts on Bloglines rather than visit the individual blogs, so I’m willing to accomodate the majority rule here. I’ve kept the feed limited in the past mostly to prevent hotlinking, but that may not be such an issue since I only post a few mp3s for a finite time now. So let me know what ya think.

If you’re unfamiliar with RSS feeds, it’s a way of syndicating a blog so you can read it on a feed reader – such as sites like Bloglines (my favorite) or Livejournal.

Allison Crowe CD Contest: Everyone’s a Winner!

Allison Crowe and her manager have generously decided to give away 12 copies of her Little Light CD instead of just the one. So everyone who entered the contest (including those who entered by email) will get a CD!!!

I have emailed all 12 of the participants asking for your full names and mailing addresses. If for some reason you did not receive the message, please email your contact information to me.

I’m waiting to receive the CDs from Allison’s managment, but should have them ready to be mail by next week. I’ll email everyone again once they have been sent. Thanks!

Top 6 Green Products

In honor of Earth Day, I thought I would share my top 6 favorite “green” products with you. I’m not as environmentally friendly as I should be, but I try to do as many little things as I can: use non-toxic cleaning products, recycle plastic bottles, use energy efficient light bulbs, turn off lights when I leave the room, etc.

Muruch’s Top 6 Green Products:

1. Seventh Generation‘s All Purpose Cleaner

To be honest, I initially began using non-toxic cleaning products more for the sake of my cats than for the earth. I worried about their little paws picking up bleach when I cleaned the kitchen floor or shower. I use this cleaner on just about every surface in my house, including the carpet (spot check for discoloration before using on your own).

Unless you live near a Drug Emporium, Seventh Generation products may be difficult to find. So I also recommend Green Works (available in Krogers & other grocery stores), but I have a fondness for Seventh Generation since it was the first eco-friendly brand I tried.

These green cleaners sometimes require a little more effort to remove hard stains, but for general cleaning I’ve seen little or no difference between them and the harsher bleach products. So you get the nice shine without the chemical odor.

2. Green Works‘s Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Not only does it clean as well as any toilet bowl cleaner without harmful odors or toxins, it has a very yummy citrus smell.

3. Kashi.

I rec any and all of Kashi’s food. I’m pretty much on an all-Kashi diet. Personal favorites are the TLC Tasty Little Chewies Trail Mix Granola Bars, TLC Oatmeal Dark Chocolate Cookies, TLC Country Cheddar Cheese Crackers, GoLean High Fiber Cereal, and Mediterranean Pizza. All of Kashi’s products are made with all natural ingredients (mostly whole grains & flax seed) with no preservatives and usually low in fat. I’ve tried just about every product, and they are all delicious in addition to being healthy.

4. Kiss My Face‘s Peaceful Patchouli Shower Gel & Foaming Bath

All natural, 100% biodegradable, no animal ingredients or artificial colors, and not tested on animals. It’s a little pricey for shower gel and again, not easy to find offline (around $6 at Drug Emporium). So I must admit I also buy other brands for daily use. But I get this anytime I can afford it and it’s such a nice treat. The patchouli is strong enough for the scent to stay on your skin all day, but light enough that the smell isn’t overwhelming.

5. Energy Star Lightbulbs

You can get energy efficient light bulbs from various brands at just about any store (Kroger, Kmart, Target, even the dreaded Walmart). Just look for the Energy Star label, which means they’ve been approved for energy saving by the government. My only complaint is that they don’t work with older lamps, but for light fixtures and open lamps they are wonderful. They’re more expensive than the cheap traditional bulbs, but they last so much longer and are just as bright. And in addition to the environmental benefits, I noticed that my power bill was reduced (I think by about $10 a month) when I switched to these bulbs.

6. Reusable Shopping Bags

This one I am just now getting into, as until now they weren’t available in my area. But my local Kroger and Target stores have recently begun selling them – Kroger even sent me a coupon for 1 free reusable thermal bag. I have yet to collect enough to do a big shop, but I’m working on it. Not only does bringing your own bags to shop prevent the waste of plastics bags, but the reusable ones are so much stronger so you don’t have to worry about them breaking.

What are your favorite Green products?

Tony Lucca: Canyon Songs

Tony Lucca’s sound is somewhere in between Ray LaMontagne and Gavin DeGraw, with the periodic nod to James Taylor. Canyon Songs was written and recorded almost entirely in the canyons of Hollywood Hills, as a tribute to the Laurel Canyon singer-songwriter community of the 1960s. Lucca’s music has been featured in several television shows, including Friday Night Lights.

“Death Of Me” mixes plucky acoustics with bluesy soul. “Darlin’ I” has a lighter country-pop strum sprinkled with mandolin, while “Sarah Jane” (the only track recorded in NYC) has a blander tv friendly sound.

“Longing” returns to the more soulful sound, embellishing the acoustic guitar with dulcet pedal steel. “The Hustler, The Widow, and The Boy From Detroit” supplements rootsy guitar with harmonica. “So Long” is a nice piece of rhythm & blues with a bit of pop piano.

The stand out tracks are “Songbird” and “Julia”, which have simpler arrangements beneath Lucca’s captivating and melodic voice.

Tony Lucca Official Site
Tony on MySpace

Buy the CD or Mp3s