Vincent D’Onofrio’s Slim Bone Head Volt: New Video “Blanche”

Vincent D’Onofrio and his Slim Bone Head Volt jazz-punk poetry partner Dana Lyn have released a new video for “Blanche.” Considering the spoken word poem is about D’Onofrio’s desire to portray Streetcar Named Desire‘s fragile heroine himself, I was disappointed he didn’t take the stage with the other Blanches in the video. Slim Bone Head Volt’s self-titled debut album will be released on March 3rd.

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Vincent D’Onofrio’s Slim Bone Head Volt: New Song “Blanche”

Slim Bone Head Volt is a new jazz-punk poetry project comprised of actor-poet Vincent D’Onofrio and musician Dana Lyn. Their self-titled debut album will be released on March 3rd. We shared the first single, “Hamster,” here on Muruch last year and they just released the new song, “Blanche.” From what I’ve heard of it so far, I’d say the album has strong potential to be my favorite of the year…

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Vincent D’Onofrio & Dana Lyn: Slim Bone Head Volt

Well, this may spell trouble for the Muruch household. As you know, I love poetry almost as much as I love my husband (a.k.a. Muruch writer Brendan). What you don’t know is that he bears a slight resemblance to actor Vincent D’Onofrio, the star of my all-time favorite film The Whole Wide World and my #1 celebrity crush. So for me to receive an email from D’Onofrio’s PR rep would be exciting enough, but for it to be for his debut album — his spoken word poetry album! — is just too much.

D’Onofrio penned and performs his own wonderfully bizarre poetry with punked up jazz music by composer amd multi-instrumentalist Dana Lyn, whom he met while working on an off-Broadway play. Their album, Slim Bone Head Volt, will be released on March 3rd via Buddhabug Records. You can hear the first single at AV Club. And we will never be the same…

Slim Bone Head Volt Tracklist:

1. Ballerina
2. My Friend Manchester, Part 1
3. Super Beautiful
4. Size Matters
5. Super Golden
6. Pig Tender
7. I’m A Hamster
8. I’m A Cat
9. Thank God Birds Can’t Talk
10. My Friend Manchester, Part 2
11. President D’Onofrio
12. My Left Hand
13. Starman
14. Blanche

Slim Bone Head Volt Gig

Dec. 20th, 7pm, Joe’s Pub, NYC

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DVD Review: The Whole Wide World

Before Jerry Maguire put Renée Zellweger on the Hollywood map and before Vincent D’Onofrio became Detective Gorem on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, the two starred in one of my favorite films of all time: The Whole Wide World. Based on Novalyne Price’s memoir One Who Walked Alone, the film depicts Price’s tumultuous relationship with infamous 1930s pulp-fiction writer Robert E. Howard.

This simple but powerful true life romance was beautifully directed by Dan Ireland, and features some breathtaking cinematography of the Texas landscapes and sunsets that surrounded the filming location.

If you dislike post-Bridget Jones Renée Zellweger, don’t let that prevent you from seeing this remarkable film. The young, mostly unknown, brunette Zellweger was charming and fiesty as aspiring writer/teacher Novalyne Price.

And if you’re at all familiar with Vincent D’Onofrio’s work, you won’t be surprised to know that his dynamic, volatile portrayal of the artistic and often tormented “Conan the Barbarian” creator Robert E. Howard steals every scene he was in.

The Whole Wide World has been referred to as “an unrequited love story,” but I think that’s an inaccurate description of the intense emotional bond that existed between Price and Howard…or at least the bond between their fictional counterparts. I always though D’Onofrio’s Robert was very much in love with Novalyne, he just didn’t think he deserved her love due to his distorted view of himself.

Rewatching the not so happy ending, I can’t explain why I always think of this as a love story. Perhaps it’s simply the beauty of the film as a whole or the chemistry between the actors. Either way, I love it and think it deserved far more praise and attention than it ever received.

The DVD contains commentary by the director and Vincent D’Onofrio, as well as a recent interview with Renée Zellweger about the movie. The film also features a lovely soundtrack courtesy of composers Hans Zimmer and Harry Gregson-Williams.

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