Werner Herzog on Parks & Recreation

My fascination with and affection for Werner Herzog has taken a somewhat bizarre and very exciting turn. According to Flavorwire, the filmaker let it slip in a recent interview that he will appear on the upcoming season of Parks & Recreation as an old man selling his house to move to Disney World.

DVD Review: Cave of Forgotten Dreams

I went into Cave of Forgotten Dreams without knowing anything about it and enjoyed it so much I hesitate to say anything here aside from it’s one of the most extraordinary and beautiful films I’ve ever seen. Werner Herzog’s documentary literally explores the Chauvet Cave in Southern France, which holds the most ancient cave paintings by humans found to date.

The images themselves are breathtaking, especially considered when and by whom they were painted, but it’s Herzog’s organically artistic direction and the lovely score that bring the pictures to life. Apparently this was released as a 3D IMAX film, but it still looked wonderful on my mediocre 2D TV screen. If you have any interest in history, art, the earth, humans or simply talented filmmaking, this is a must-see.