Muruch’s 2015 Fall TV Schedule

Muruch’s 2015 Fall TV Schedule

Hulu Shows
Moone Boy
Complete Works
Drunk History
Difficult People
Deutschland 83

Netflix Shows
Wet Hot American Summer
Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Day / Time (EST) TV Show Network
Mon / 8pm Big Bang Theory CBS
Mon / 8:30pm Supergirl CBS
Tues / 8pm The Flash CW
Tues / 9pm Scream Queens CW
Tues / 10pm Chicago Fire NBC
Wed / 8:30pm The Goldbergs Fox
Wed / 10pm Nashville ABC
Wed / 10pm Code Black CBS
Thurs / 8pm Grey’s Anatomy ABC
Thurs / 10:30pm Billy on the Street TruTV & TBS
Sat/ 9pm Doctor Who PBS
Sat/ 10:30pm Spy PBS
Sun/ 8pm Madam Secretary CBS
Sun/ 8:30pm Brooklyn Nine Nine FOX
Sun/ 9pm The Good Wife CBS

M-F Shows, Depending on Guests:
Wendy Williams (Various, Syndication)
The View (11am, ABC)
CBS This Morning (7-9am, CBS)
Jimmy Fallon (11:30pm. NBC)

Shows I’ll watch when they return:
Downton Abbey (PBS)

New shows are tentative on the schedule, so check back in coming weeks for deletions. Also, I tend to multi-task while the tv’s on, so only Billy on the Street, Moone Boy, Grey’s Anatomy and Portlandia get my full attention.

DVD: The State

I’m one of the many crazy, rabid fans of MTV’s cult comedy sketch series The State that have waited over a decade for the show to receive a proper DVD release. Our wait is finally over, as the DVD set of The State is now available with a plethora of extras.

While I gleefully watched the original airings of The State on MTV in the early 1990s, my husband (like many of you readers) was most familiar with the actors from Wet Hot American Summer and Reno 911 (Michael Ian Black and Thomas Lennon are probably the best known of the lot). But he seemed as amused by the show’s humor as I was the first time around, and even compared it to British comedies like The Fast Show and The Mary Whitehouse Experience.

Like most television shows from that era, The State was forced to replace the popular songs that made up its soundtrack due licensing issues. But the new score fits into the skits well enough that it doesn’t detract from the series. The only time the change in music was glaringly apparent to me was on the bonus disc during the “Miserable Crap” promo. As I recall, the ad – which cleverly promoted their show by quoting their worst reviews – originally featured the song “I Started a Joke”. The new ballad doesn’t fit into the gimmick nearly as well. But that will only matter to old fans like me, and maybe not even to them.

If you’ve seen the show before, you know it is not high brow entertainment. Many of the sketches are unquestionably bad, so much so that not even I can sit through an entire disc in one sitting. Even the good skits were unapologetically camp and often self-deprecating. But that’s always been the show’s charm, and also the quality that seems to have propelled the cast through other projects throughout the years.

In addition to cast commentaries on each season, there’s an entire disc of bonus features including promotional ads, unaired sketches, and interviews. There’s also a brief appearance by the cast on The Jon Stewart Show – yes, my generation first came to know The Daily Show host by his stint on MTV.

My personal favorite sketch of the entire series has always been “$240 Worth of Pudding”. There’s just something about Barry and Levon that makes me giggle uncontrollably.

The State – $240 Worth of Pudding (video)
The State Trailer (video)
More The State Videos

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