Movie Review: Run & Jump

Will Forte garnered critical claim for his performance in Nebraska, but the SNL’s dramatic debut in the lesser known film Run & Jump was just as noteworthy.

Based on a true story, the poignant Irish indie dramedy depicts an uptight neuro-psychologist (Forte) who moves in with a boisterous Irish family while conducting a case study on their formerly comatose patriarch.

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Mumford & Sons: New All-Star Video

This just may be the best music video ever made (aside, of course, from Wax’s “California”). It takes a few moments to realize you aren’t actually watching Mumford & Sons perform their song “”Hopeless Wanderer” from their new album Babel. It slowly becomes clear that it’s really comedians Ed Helms, Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Will Forte sporting old-fashioned clothes (and, in Forte’s case, the standard hipster beard). What makes the video great isn’t that the band recruited comedians to play them, it’s the four comedians they chose who throw themselves (and their tears) wholeheartedly into their lipsyncing performance. I’m not usually a fan of lipsyncing, but I’d be happy if Mumford & Sons had the comedians stand in for them in all their future videos and tours.