#Poetry Wed: “Homestead” by Alice Beecher


we turn into the stuff of sediment,
bare hearts on brass mountains,
brew our coffee slow
and our closeness slower,
make it like waiting for the
redbuds to blossom,
for the cicadas to crawl back home.
my friends build stricter houses,
cover them with clay and dandelions,
don’t let the cats out or the cops in,
fall deep into rivers
shivering against our small skins,
turn into crayfish and crawdad,
a hard shell host to flesh made tender,
made wet and full of wanting…”

-Read the entire poem at Heartwood.

Lung at Kinship Goods!

Lung will play Kinship Goods in the fab Elk City district of Charleston, WV on August 7th with local favorites Static Fur. If you haven’t heard Lung, they are a Cincinnati electric cello and drum duo who sound like a mix of The Dresden Dolls, St. Vincent, and Deap Vally—so needless to say, I adore them and I’m so excited to see them play live.

< ahref="http://www.lungtheband.com">Lung Official Site

@lungtheband on Twitter

Introducing The Company Stores…

The Company Stores are my favorite local band. They are very well known and beloved in Charleston, WV. With their recent set at Mountain Stage, I think/hope the band is poised for a national break-through soon. Their lovely, eclectic new album, Little Lights, has quickly become a favorite of mine.

Lead singer-songwriter Casey Litz’s lilting, robust voice at times reminds me of Rhiannen Giddens, Natalie Merchant, and Heartless Bastards’ Erika Wennerstrom, but their genre-bending, self-described “Hill Hop” sound–a mix of clangy Appalachian folk fiddles, swirling psychedelic rock guitars, big band brass, and occasional splashes of classical piano–is incomparable.

Standout tracks are “Fall From Heaven,” “Nightingale,” “Optimistic,” and “Shenandoah Fall,” but the album is fantastic in it’s entirety.

The Company Stores Official Site

#Poetry Wed: “Appalachia” by Muriel Miller Dressler

“I am Appalachia. In my veins
Runs fierce mountain pride; the hill-fed streams
Of passion; and, stranger, you don’t know me!

…How can you find rapport with me –
You, who never stood in the bowels of hell,
Never felt a mountain shake and open its jaws
To partake of human sacrifice?…

You, who never stood on a high mountain,
Watching the sun unwind its spiral rays;
Who never searched the glens for wild flowers,
Never picked mayapples or black walnuts; never ran
Wildly through the woods in pure delight,
Nor dangled your feet in a lazy creek?
You, who never danced to wild sweet notes,
Outpouring of nimble-fingered fiddlers…

I am Appalachia; and, stranger,
Though you’ve studied me, you still don’t know.”

Read the entire poem at WV Encyclopedia.