#Poetry: “Dark Matter” by Alex Dimitrov

“…life isn’t enough
which is unbelievable to the fog, sea,
or anything lucky to be
without our incurable consciousness.
Vanishing. A once orange leaf that’s been
left in a book. The silver handles
of the casket as it’s lowered into the earth.
People’s mistakes. Dark matter…”

-Read the entire poem at Harvard Review.

#Poetry: “Tenderness” by Steven Sanchez

“He tells me he’s proud of how
he punches objects instead of

my mother. I ask him about
his hand wrapped in gauze,

the punched wall, and glass
shards. Oxygen-deprived veins

crack inside each pane.
When you’re a man, go ahead and break

whatever you can afford to replace…”

-Read the entire poem at JuxtaProse.