#tbt Allison Crowe: “Scared” Video

In light of the recent news regarding sexual harassment in Hollywood, Allison Crowe’s anthem about speaking out against sexual assault seems an appropriate #tbt pick this week. Allison’s “Scared” was featured on Muruch.com’s RAINN benefit album and was an big inspiration for our RAINN fundraising campaign.

Allison Crowe Official Site

#Poetry Wed: “Sometimes a Horse” by Meredith McDonough

“becomes a man

and that man becomes a magician

as if to take control of his transformation

He cuts a woman in half

with a phony saw that curls

like a question mark

Is this how we become less he asks

as her waist widens to a breath-filled


-Read the entire poem at Hermeneutic Chaos.

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s All-Star Song & Video for Puerto Rico

Hamilton maestro Lin-Manuel Miranda’s new song, “Almost Like Praying (Puerto Rico)” features J-Lo, Marc Anthony, John Leguizamo, Gloria Estefan, Gina Rodriguez, Rita Moreno, Fat Joe, and many more stars with all the proceeds to benefit the Hispanic Federation…

Official Links to download/stream here.