Call for Music & Poetry Submissions for RAINN Benefit Album

Muruch is assembling an album of music and spoken word poetry solely to benefit RAINN, the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network organization and helpline originally created by Tori Amos.

Muruch Presents: A Benefit Album for RAINN will feature music by Allison Crowe and Pamela Means, poetry by Muruch’s Editor Victoria and WV Poet/TED Talker Crystal Good, other contributions by artists and writers to be announced and … you? Wanna?

I’m reaching out directly to certain artists and poets (so far two big names have said “maybe” and another said “yes” but we’re still working out details), but any and all artists and poets — of all levels, backgrounds, gender and age, including amateurs and especially indies — are welcome.

Anyone interested in contributing music or recorded poetry to the benefit album can email with the subject “Muruch RAINN Submission” and either an mp3 or a link for me to stream your recording online.

Note: All music and poetry submissions should be on themes of anti-rape, anti-abuse, anti-domestic violence and/or survival of such traumas with no explicit language or graphic descriptions. Art doesn’t need to shock to be powerful and moving – think “Me and a Gun” and “Silent All These Years” by Tori Amos.

Submissions are not guaranteed to be included on the final album, I will contact you if your submission has been selected. Only original music and poetry may be submitted — no covers, please. You must own the copyright for me to legally include your recording on the album. You will retain your copyright and any other rights to your work, I only ask permission to include the recording on the digital album to benefit RAINN.

No one featured on the album, including me, will receive any monetary compensation — 100% of the proceeds will be donated directly to RAINN through Muruch’s RAINN Fundraising Page. But all involved will receive a lot of free, positive publicity and help a very worthy cause.

I am tentatively planning to sell the digital album for $10 per download, but nothing’s set in stone yet. Honestly, this was a dream idea of mine that has become a reality so quickly, I’m still trying to figure out the best way to go about it. I’ll gladly accept assistance and input from collaborators. I want to make sure all of the album’s proceeds are a pure, simple donation to RAINN.

Anyone who would like to donate directly to RAINN without contributing or purchasing the album can do so at Muruch’s RAINN Fundraising Page.

Anyone who has suffered from or is in danger of rape, abuse or domestic violence please visit RAINN or call the National Sexual Assault Hotline 800.656.HOPE. You are not alone or hopeless, you can survive and RAINN will help you. Everyone deserves a happy, healthy, safe life, including you. Don’t ever give up.

Allison Crowe Launches New Bandcamp Subscription

Canadian singer-songwriter Allison Crowe has been Muruch’s musical mascot for ten of our almost fifteen years of music blogging because of her extraordinary talent, artistic integrity and her open support of mp3/music blogs.

Long before the mainstream music industry embraced the internet, Allison pioneered the digital music frontier by offering free, legal mp3 downloads on her website and music blogs like Muruch. She also released digital albums through her own independent label, Rubenesque Records, on Amazon before the practice became the standard. Maintaining such creative control and openness with her fans has at times been to her own financial detrimate and cost her opportunities for more widespread fame, but no other artist has such a flawless record of artistic authenticity as Allison Crowe.

So it makes me very happy to announce a new way for Allison Crowe fans to support and gain even greater access to her spectacular music. Allison just launched a new Bandcamp subscription service. Here’s the official video announcement from Allison and her dog, Link:

The $40 per year subscription gives you instant access via Bandcamp’s app to Allison’s entire back catalogue of albums and any new albums — all available for streaming and permanent download in the digital format of your choice (a feature lacking on other streaming services like Spotify). The subscription also grants exclusive access to the Allison Crowe fan community, a 15% discount on physical merchandise (now and future) and the satisfaction of supporting this truly independent musician in a direct and substantial way…

Allison Crowe Bandcamp Subscription

Allison Crowe Official Site