David Myles: Turn Time Off

Singer-songwriter David Myles will release his fourth album Turn Time Off on April 19th. The new songs flow through pop, folk, jazz, and blues, and back again. I’d never heard of David Myles until I received an advance of this album, but I’ll be sure to follow his career from now on.

From the opener “Out of Love” through the finale “I Will Love You,” most of the album is a mix of soft Americana and atmospheric pop. Myles’ languid voice and pop-folk melodies remind me of Alexi Murdoch and Peter Bradley Adams.

But there’s also a bit of jazz piano in “Run Away,” a touch of light r&b in “People Don’t Change” a splash of rockabilly in “Need a Break,” and a lil blues swagger in “So Far Away.”

The standout “Peace of Mind” simmers moody pop over a trip-hop beat with a blast of rock guitar.

David Myles – Gone for Long (mp3) *

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