Deep Dark Robot: 8 Songs About a Girl

Deep Dark Robot is a new band led by former 4 Non Blondes frontwoman turned producer Linda Perry. Deep Dark Robot’s debut, 8 Songs About a Girl, was released in March on Perry’s own Custard records and Perry describes the sound as “dirty French garage pop.” I’d call the album a mostly magnificent, swaggering, howling hunk of hard rock.

The disc opens with the wailer “I’m Coming For You!” before “No One Wakes Me Up Like You” glides down into a gentler, almost Keanesque pop melody punched up with Perry’s Thom Yorke-like yowls.

The first two songs were so outstounding and unusual that I hadn’t bothered to look at the press release and actually Deep Dark Robot was a male-fronted indie-rock band. It wasn’t until the noirish rock track “Can’t Gethcha Out of My Mind” that I realized the singer’s voice was female and sounded very familiar. It was then I discovered I’d been listening to Linda Perry’s distinctively powerful alto all along.

“You Mean Nothing To Me” is a seductively nonchalant, Parisian ballad.

Unfortunately, the second half of the disc spirals down into expletive-heavy (there is a Clean Version available), sad bastard music reminiscent of The Wedding Singer‘s “Somebody Kill Me Please.” Granted, the album was inspired by a painful breakup and would be perfect if your heart has just been broken, but it was disappointing for me after such a strong, exhilarating start.

The first four brilliant songs on the disc are more than worth the price of purchase, though, and I hope Linda Perry won’t wait so long between albums in the future.

Deep Dark Robot – Won’t You Be My Girl (mp3 expired)*

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Deep Dark Robot – I’m Coming For You! (SoundCloud Stream)*
Deep Dark Robot – No One Wakes Me Up Like You (SoundCloud Stream)*
Deep Dark Robot – Can’t Gethcha Out of My Mind (SoundCloud Stream)*
Deep Dark Robot – You Mean Nothing To Me (SoundCloud Stream)*

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