Beduk: Overload

Turkish DJ Bedük’s new album, Overload, is quite a hit in the Muruch household. Brendan picked it up, said the cover art (created by Bedük himself) “looks like an electronica album” and put in our cd player. As the opening track, “Beat Freak,” began to play, we both immediately started dancing.

“Beat Freak,” the mp3 of which you can download below, is just the beginning of a fun, very danceable ride.

Overload also includes a electrified cover of Eagle of Death Metal’s “I Only Want You” that sounds like an Electric Six song. And Bedük also tackles The Subways’ “Rock ‘n’ Roll Queen.”

The other original tracks keep the beat, but have some cringe-inducing lyrics. So Overload isn’t an album I would listen to in any mood, but it’s definitely one for when I want to dance.

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