Giveaway: Win 1 of 5 Allison Crowe Vinyl LPs & Digital Downloads!

Contest Closed

Attention vinyl and/or Allison Crowe lovers: Muruch is giving away 5 of the beautiful, limited edition vinyl LPs of Allison Crowe’s magnificent new album, Newfoundland Vinyl. Each vinyl LP includes a code for a free digital download of the album, so you can listen to it on your turntable or your mp3 player. You can read my review of the album here and the giveaway details (along with 4 mp3s) are below…

The Prize:

5 winners will receive:
1 copy of Allison Crowe’s new CD Newfoundland Vinyl on Vinyl LP and 1 free digital album download code

The Rules:

Comment to this entry with “Allison Crowe” and your email address. All new comments are moderated to avoid spam (which is why you must include the artist’s name in your comment), so it may take a day for your comment to appear if you haven’t commented on Muruch before.

Note: This contest is open to everyone, but all contestants must enter with a valid email address and the artist’s name in order to qualify. The winner of the contest will also be required to provide me with their full name and postal address for shipping purposes.

The Deadline:

The contest will end on Friday, August 9th. The winners will be chosen at random and contacted via email.

Go now go! And tell others.

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Contest Closed

8 thoughts on “Giveaway: Win 1 of 5 Allison Crowe Vinyl LPs & Digital Downloads!

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  2. Allison Crowe

    Two tracks I recorded are on her album “Spiral” – I’ve been an official bootlegger since 2002…
    My turntable is hungry for new vinyl! haha
    I sure would love to hear the new record as that – a new record! Bring on that warm crackly glow. Digitally sourced vinyl, though? hehe

    Thanks in advance if I win!

  3. Allison Crowe

    Allison Crowe, imo, is the most powerful female voice currently around. Love her music!

  4. Allison crowe, i love that she does things her own way. She is probably the most talented singer songwriter in the industry. Im happy to support her. I cant wait until i can see her perform live hopefully sometime in the near future.

  5. Allison Crowe

    (sorry, I gave the wrong email address before – please use this one, thanks!)

  6. Thanks, Muruch!!! Thank you, everyone 🙂

    Your support is inspiring – Allison Crowe and I, serving as her manager, appreciate so much your love of the music and your community!!

    Congrats, too, to all winners – may this newest song collection from Allison long bring you joy!!

    Sláinte!! Adrian

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