Gaba Kulka: New Album & Mp3!

I’m so very excited to announce that Gaba Kulka will release a new album, The Saintbox, on March 19th. Gaba is offering a free, legal mp3 download of the track “Eulalia” via the album’s official site (select English or Polish on the main page, then click the “Music” section to access the download and/or order the album).

Gaba Kulka: Free Mp3!

You can download a free, legal mp3 by Gaba Kulka by signing up for her email newsletter via Gaba’s official site. The mp3 is “Devil’s Headlights,” which first appeared on Gaba’s out of print 2002 King of Rats demo (thankfully I still have my copy) and is now available as a bonus track on the digital edition of her album, Hat, Rabbit (one of my Best of the Decade).

Gaba Kulka – Devil’s Headlights (sign up for newsletter to access mp3)

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Gaba Kulka: Iron Maiden Cover Mp3

Polish superstar and Muruch pal Gaba Kulka has recorded a new Iron Maiden tribute album under the moniker Baaba Kulka. She is sharing a free, legal mp3 of “Aces High,” which you can download and/or stream at the links below. The album will be released on March 21st on CD, vinyl and a limited edition of cassette, each with an enclosed code for a digital album download.

Baaba Kulka – Aces High (mp3)*

*mp3 hosted by & posted w/ permission of artist

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Gaba Kulka Official Site

Muruch’s Gaba Kulka Reviews

Gaba Kulka: Live Rabbit DVD

I remember the days when Gaba Kulka sent me CDRs of her music with handmade liner notes. This week I received a new, professionally packaged DVD featuring a live concert by the Polish songstress and her band. Live Rabbit is a welcome mark of Gaba’s growing success. The visual quality of the DVD is one of the best I’ve seen, like you’re sitting on the front row as Gaba and her band perform. And what a concert it was…

Looking both exquisitely feminine in a frilly pink dress and utterly punk-rock with razored hair, tattoo-speckled arms and a streak of black below her right eye, Gaba launches into “Królestwo ipól” from Out and “Propaganda” from Hat, Rabbit. No introduction is provided or needed.

The show really begins to take off when Gaba jumps up to center stage for “Rolemodels.” The jaunty, cowbell-accented band arrangement is grand and the crowd went wild over the electric guitar turned violin. The best concerts always result from the entire band having fun together on stage, and this is certainly true of the chemistry and antics of Gaba and her bandmates.

Gaba gives a charming performance of “Heard the Light” with the band, and her solo piano rendering of “Magdalena” is absolutely stunning.

Yet it’s the high energy songs “Niejasności” and “Hat, Meet Rabbit” that prove to be the standouts of the DVD. Even without the flashing lights and smoke, the frenetic pace of each tune is enough to work the crowd into a frenzy.

You can watch the “Propaganda” video and buy the DVD at Gaba’s official site. Note: this is a Polish DVD and seems to be a Region 2 (Europe) code. It wouldn’t play in my regular Region 1 (U.S.) DVD player, but worked fine on my laptop DVD player. So just make sure you have a DVD player that plays Region 2 DVDs.

Gaba Kulka Official Site (Buy DVD)
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